Computer Poker Player: Man vs. Machine


Computer Poker player is simply the next version of how online gambling can work. From the state of playing games in gambling houses, we have come a long way off in playing them online. Now a step ahead, instead of playing with just human counterparts we can play with computers. Just like how the other computer-based games are played you have two options you can choose to play either against the computer or with some person who is in some part of the world. In order to understand how the game works on computers, it is important that one understands what the game is. This will help us get a clear picture of how it functions

What is Poker?

Poker is widely recognized as a family game of cards. Poker is believed to have existed even in the 18th century. Though the rules and the process of the game have gone through minor changes, the game still stands to exist. The game was first played in the clubhouses of America before it got to the rest of the world. However, the game was developed, and notable championships were won only after the 1970s. Poker games became a symbol of popular culture, and every other person wanted to give it a try. Since poker is a family game, the game was also played among the households.

How does computer Poker Player work?

Remember the days when you played games like carom and chess with bots on the other end. That is how computer poker player works. These poker games are played with the computer as the opponent. The artificial intelligence of the game is designed in such a way that they are capable of playing a step ahead of the human mind. Recent news has been testing the ego of the human mind and its competency to beat the computer memory.


As early as in the beginning of 2017, a few cases were reported stating that the computer defeated international champions in poker and stood silently waiting for them to realize that they just lost to a machine. It is all just different combinations that work together. The bot works as per the AI, and the AI is so perfectly designed that it can play with a human mind and win over it.

There is something called a Housebot. If you know who a house player is in a casino and his role there, you will probably know what Housebots are. The role of a house bot is similar to that of the House player in the casino.

However, after the recent defeat that the human race faced they are making a lot of efforts to arrive at a strategy that breaks the artificial intelligence. A lot of intelligent games and puzzles became obsolete when man found a means to break its login behind. Similarly, the algorithm behind the online poker will be broken one day.