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29M – Press Release

  15M Assembly London calls for a day of action in support of the March 29 General Strike in Spain Under the slogan: “29M: Indignant Emigrants”, the 15m London Assembly has called for an informative […]

Mar, 28

29M Londres – Leaflet

Hola a todos, Aqui os dejamos el panfleto para que os lo descargueis y lo imprimais (si podeis) para ir repartiendolo por todos sitios. Descargar el leaflet Un saludo, Social – 15M London Assembly

Mar, 27

Manifiesto 15M London – Feb 2012

Hola, Desde Coordinación quisiéramos compartir con la familia 15M el manifiesto sobre la situación actual en España que como se acordó en asamblea del sábado 18-02-2012, se redactó y aprobó el domingo 19-02-2012. También nos […]

Mar, 16

Text for the dynamisation of popular assemblies

Text created by the ‘Dynamisation of Assemblies’ Commission at Acampadasol in Madrid (Sol Square Camp) through different texts and abstracts agreed by the different internal assemblies within the commission and through the experience gained at […]

Aug, 04

The real facts of ’15M Wimbledon’ operation

Sunday the 26th of June 2011, some people belonging to the 15M Movement went to Wimbledon, where we wanted to express ourselves in a symbolic, pacific and entertaining manner outside the complex area through a […]

Jun, 26


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